Professional Resume Writing Services

While based in Denver, Colorado, Career Ink serves clients nationwide. Our services are based in marketing principles. To achieve your career goals, you'll need the competitive advantage of customized, powerful documents that convey your value and potential. My services are listed individually, however if you purchase any 3 services, you'll save 10%.

Corporate Resume | Federal Resume

The resume is the foundation of your career documents. It must be concise, powerful, and relevant. Your corporate resume investment is based on your years of professional experience, the marketing strategy we use, and the field you are in. The more experience you have, the more history to explore and accomplishments to summarize. On average if you are a professional with 5 to 10+ years of experience, your investment will range between $450 and $650 for a resume. The investment for graduating college students, young professionals, administrative and support roles, and tradespeople will be less, while the investment for C-Suite executives will be more.
The key to successful federal applications and resumes is tailoring the resume to the job and precisely following every direction listed in the announcement. I can help you wade through complex announcements, determine resume and essay content, and/or write the Federal resumes and essays. Call to discuss your federal needs.
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LinkedIn Profile | LinkedIn Training

As the first place recruiters look for candidates, LinkedIn is not optional, it is essential. Your profile should complement your resume, not repeat it; it should offer insight into your personality as well as your career. You can purchase stand-alone LinkedIn services or add them on to your Career Ink resume service. Profiles start at $250. One-on-one LinkedIn Training is $275 for 2-hour session.

Strategic Correspondence: Cover, Approach, Thank You, Acceptance, and Resignation Letters

Persuasive letters can make a difference when reaching out to decision makers. You can make your case, create your own opportunity, and build relationships with powerful letters. Investments start at $125.

Interview Training | Job Search Training | Salary Negotiations

Just as I custom design your resume, I custom design and develop training sessions based on your needs and desires. Before we begin any sessions, we will work together to identify your issues and define the steps we will take together as well as specific objectives for each session. We will move at your pace and within your comfort level. Training is $125/hour (minimum session one hour).

Career Transitions and Reinventions

Is it time to for your career to take a whole new direction or maybe revive a former career? Let me help you manage your re-invention and achieve your goals faster. I will work with you to clarify goals, overcome barriers, define steps, rebrand, build a new or resurrect a dormant professional network, create strategic marketing materials, and launch a job search campaign. Transitions and re-inventions are very personal; they are customized services that will include a mixture of coaching and writing services and will be priced accordingly. Call to discuss.

Strategy Development | Situational Career or Business Consulting

Are you facing a challenging career or business situation? Perhaps you're not sure how to get from where you are to where you want to be. Maybe you are expecting to encounter resistance to your proposal or solution? I'll help you determine the path to achieve that seemingly elusive goal. If you need to make a powerful, convincing proposal based on research, facts, figures, and sound reasoning, I can help you build it. I've helped clients put together winning proposals for promotions and pay raises, new positions, staffing changes, job relocation, remote reporting structures, as well as partnerships and joint ventures. Consulting is $125/hour.

Additional Services

Additional customized documents that go beyond the resume to highlight your experience, contributions, and capabilities can give you an edge over the competition. These documents can be resume addendums, achievement summaries, leadership/marketing/technology profiles, personal marketing briefs, and more. If you've got an idea for a document, we can partner together to make a reality.

Presentations | Working Sessions

Could your organization or group benefit from presentation or a working session? I'm available for presentations, workshops, or meeting facilitation on a variety of career management topics including resume writing, interviewing, salary negotiations, and career management and advancement. Presentations can be customized to fit your field or industry and can be of any length.
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